January 19, 2011

Gold Canyon's Pod Warmers

Do you
like Fragrance in your home or office, but prefer not to have the flame?
Gold Canyon's Pod Warmers are great! Ive had this one for about 6 months, and use it everyday. =)
Personalize by adding your picture to the frame! Convenient on and off switch with timer option of automatic off at 4,8 or 12 hours. Just put your favorite Scent Pod on top and enjoy the fragrance! Just $36.98
( other styles available )
Buy Scent Pods individually or as Bundles..
The Love Bundle features a Pomegranate, Sweet Amour, and Love Struck™ Scent Pod®.
( set of 3 Scent Pods for just $16.99 )


  1. Oh, I love those pod warmers. What a fun idea to be able to personalize with a picture.

  2. I agree RaNae! ( the photo displayed in the Pod Warmer not me ) =)
    I love!! my Pod Warmer.